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Development of the campsite

Denmark’s newest campsite

CityCamp Assens Strand is facing a huge development and build-up in the coming years. We simply get the opportunity to build a brand new campsite where everything is new, power, playgrounds, buildings, etc. in a completely unique location by the city, beach and marina. There will be waterfront pitches, there will be large luxury pitches with water/drainage and private toilet/bath, there will be pitches with panoramic views of the beach, city and marina. At the same time, we have the opportunity to build a beach hotel right on the water with 150 rooms.

It’s a super exciting and very big task that we want to focus 100% on.

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There’s a lot going on in our office at the moment! And we really need your input!

We would love to hear your opinion on whether you think a Wellness area like the one in the picture, overlooking the Marina, was something we should prioritize in the development of Denmark’s newest campsite here at CityCamp Assens Strand?

Click here to 
and go to the Facebook post where you can share your opinion.

Status d. January 31, 2024

– from Denmark’s newest campsite!

CityCamp Assens Strand has a new temporary driveway, as you can see in pictures 1 and 2.
You need to exit Næsvej along the Marina and enter the square at the left-hand bend… Hope that makes sense.

But otherwise, various excavators have been speeded up, and a lot of earth is moved around every day. For info, the finished height of the upper marina part should be up to approx. Light pole height, so there’s still some way to go.

The entire campsite will be sloped, so all pitches will have a sea view.
But we are born optimists, and we still hope that we can present 20-30 large new beautiful spaces overlooking the Marina during early spring 2024🌱


Just so you know, we haven’t completely fallen asleep, we’re working daily to finish the drawings so you can see how wild, amazing and beautiful CityCamp Assens Strand will be.

We look forward to showing you much more soon…
The drawing is not final with color choices, plantings, etc.

On a "study trip" in Jutland!

Today Per & I have been on a “Study Trip” to Denmark’s only ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ campsite Hvidbjerg Strand Feriepark. And we really got 6-star inspiration for our development and expansion of CityCamp Assens Strand.

Of course, one of the things we had to see was their big, new, beautiful welcome building.

At the same time, we also went around the square and saw the beautiful beach hotel and the beach villas.
Thank you so much for the warm welcome from Thorkild, Mona & Lene Slaijkær and for the tour of your beautiful premises.

New driveway to the site

CSB ANLÆG ApS and Palle Johansen A/S are in full swing with the development of the campsite.
While construction is ongoing, we will have access from the new Næsvej.

Of course, we take pictures, provide information and signage once the driveway is in place.

There's something happening everywhere!

When Per & CSB ANLÆG ApS are not enjoying lunch with the family, they are building a new road in the first lane of the existing part of the campsite. It’s going to be so good!

Palle Johansen A/S’s skilled team is moving soil in the viewing area (the earthen basins), maybe you can sense in picture 4 how huge the campsite will be and how great the view is. The next step will be to get started on the marina part, picture 5, the area that we “optimists” are still aiming to get some fantastic pitches ready for 2024, with a direct view of Assens Marina.

There's really something happening on site!

Things are really happening here at CityCamp Assens Strand – a big thank you to Palle Johansen A/S, who run their machines from early morning to late evening.

Per & I took a late afternoon walk around the area, and look what beautiful pictures came out of that walk.

We think about our guests while building Denmark's newest campsite

We’re on our toes and have the area’s guests and users in mind.

CSB CONSTRUCTION spends the evening reestablishing, removing debris and smoothing out the public gravel roads.
Then it will be completely ready tomorrow morning for dog walkers, nature lovers and more.

Then there's a view!

The view from the upper part of the campsite is getting more and more beautiful, including the view of the existing campsite, Assens Marina and the Church of Our Lady in the center.
Also notice how much air it has created in the driveway to the site…

There’s no doubt that the campsite’s location directly on the town, beach and marina is unique!

Familiar faces are back on the team!

We are so happy to have CSB ANLÆG ApS v/Christian Skytte Blaabjerg on board for the development of CityCamp Assens Strand!

Christian was the camp manager for CityCamp Assens Strand from 2017-2022 – but unfortunately wanted to try his hand at his own construction company instead of the camping industry.

Now he is once again part of our talented team that will help transform the campsite into one of the best in Denmark.

Visit our talented architects in Aarhus E+N Arkitektur

Wow, it’s all so exciting ‼️

Today we’re on our way to our talented architects E+N Arkitektur in Aarhus, who will now put the final touches on the final touches so we can show you how wild, beautiful and amazing CityCamp Assens Strand will be!

But look how the site is already taking shape, the pictures are from last night before we left Assens!

JUBIII... We're on it!!!

The first machines have rolled into the huge area where CityCamp Assens Strand will be built.

It’s going to be so wild, and notice how the amazing view we’re getting is now peeking out.
Stop by and take a walk in Denmark’s newest camping area, with its unique location in the city of Assens

The new structure of the space

New step in the development of CityCamp Assens Strand!
Today we visited our talented architects E+N Arkitektur in Aarhus. Here we were presented with various proposals for the structure of our new campsite – i.e. how should the site be built up, connection to the different areas with cozy walking paths, roads, etc. and what expression – should it be straight rows of pitches, round plots or the more natural layout.

It’s really exciting to be able to design from scratch and not just build on something existing, as we’ve done for the last 30 years. But it’s also very difficult to choose the best, most attractive and practical solution for the needs of both current and future guests.
The images visualize the different structures, the annex site and the area around the earthen basins.

What do you look for when choosing a campsite?

The trip goes to Aarhus!

The car is packed and Per & I (Gitte) are on our way to Aarhus, this time we’re not going to visit CampOne’s campsites in Jutland like we used to in the old days. After the sale of CampOne, we have started a new working life where one of our most important tasks is to develop CityCamp Assens Strand.

Today is a very exciting day at E+N Arkitektur in Aarhus, where all ideas for the development will be turned around. From the planting, layout of the campsite, size and design of the huge covered pool area, huge square overlooking the marina where you can meet, modern waste sorting, location of the covered playground and much more…

If you have ideas for a new, modern campsite in a great location directly in the city, opposite the marina and the beach, we’d love to hear them.

Exciting day at our playground supplier!

Another exciting day at our playground supplier KOMPAN in Odense.

As you know, we are in full swing with phase 2 of the development of CityCamp Assens Strand.
In addition to beautiful camping units overlooking the marina, a new reception building, a huge covered swimming pool, it naturally includes another quality playground from Kompan with our Space Theme.

We hope to unveil the schedule within the next month.

We're closer to launch than ever before

Exciting meeting today at Palle Johansen A/S with E+N Arkitektur – where CityCamp Assens Strand’s expansion was on the agenda.

We’re closer to launch than ever before – can you see the view in the photos, over the marina, city and beach from the highest seats?

It’s going to be so cool and we can’t wait to get started.

New development plans are on the drawing board

A huge development awaits CityCamp Assens Strand. Soon, the plans will be presented in more detail.

Giant Kompan playground has landed

In connection with the large new service building, a huge KOMPAN playground with a Space theme was established. Read more about the playground here.

Large new and modern service building

In 2021, our beautiful and modern service building was built. Here you will find family rooms, a large communal kitchen, WC, shower etc. Read more about our modern service building here.

New hotel and luxury cabins

A total of 8 new cabins divided into 2 categories: Hotel and Luxury Cabin. Read more about them under the accommodation menu.

37 new seats

In 2020, 37 new spaces were created, some with water and drainage.

Can we help you?

Call us or write to us if you have any questions. Our goal is for you to have the best vacation!

Best regards

From left side of image:

Per & Gitte Blaabjerg, owners

Cecilie, General Manager & Maybrith, receptionist

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