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Campsite Fyn

Welcome to CityCamp Assens Strand, a prominent campsite on Funen where natural beauty and comfort go hand in hand. Located in the heart of Denmark, we offer a unique blend of idyllic beach views, cozy facilities and a wealth of activities for all ages. Our campsite is designed to provide a complete vacation experience all year round, with a special focus on family togetherness and the tranquility of nature. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, CityCamp Assens Strand is the perfect starting point for your next camping vacation on Funen. Come and experience the special charm of Danish camping in beautiful surroundings.

Camping on Funen – all year round

CityCamp Assens Strand, an idyllic campsite on Funen, welcomes guests in all seasons, all year round. Located in scenic Assens, this campsite is the perfect place for those looking for an escape from everyday life, whatever the season. It combines the beauty and tranquillity of the Funen countryside with comfort and modern facilities, making it an ideal choice for any camper.

Spring at CityCamp Assens Strand is a time for renewal and discovery. As nature comes alive, the campsite blooms with vibrant colors and fresh air, creating the perfect setting for hiking, cycling and outdoor activities. It’s also a season when families can enjoy the first warm rays of sunshine and children can play freely in our safe and scenic surroundings.

Summer at the campsite is characterized by long, bright days and a relaxed atmosphere. Guests can enjoy sunbathing, swimming and various water activities at the beach. Our facilities offer everything you need for a classic summer vacation, combined with the unique charm of the Danish summer.

When fall arrives, CityCamp Assens Strand transforms into a painting of golden and red hues. The cooler air and tranquil surroundings make it an ideal place for those seeking peace and quiet. It’s also a perfect time to experience Funen’s cultural offerings, which are less crowded during the off-season.

Winter at CityCamp Assens Strand is something special. Winter camping here is a unique experience where you can enjoy the silence and fresh, clear air. Our facilities are fully equipped to handle the cold weather, ensuring a comfortable and warm experience even in the coldest months.

Comfort and facilities at the campsite

CityCamp Assens Strand is not just a campsite – it’s an oasis of comfort and modern facilities, beautifully situated on the charming coast of Funen. Here we understand the importance of quality and convenience, which shines through in every aspect of our campsite, from the clean and well-maintained areas to the modern facilities designed to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible.

Modern and clean facilities
Our campsite boasts state-of-the-art sanitary facilities. Cleaning is a top priority and we ensure that all shower and toilet areas are always spotless and inviting. With spacious shower cubicles, clean toilets and meticulous maintenance routines, you can feel at home even when you’re far from your own bathroom. This commitment to cleanliness and hygiene ensures that all our guests can enjoy their camping experience worry-free.

Comfort doesn’t stop at the sanitary facilities. CityCamp Assens Strand also offers a range of cabins that combine the charm of camping life with the comforts of home. Our cabins are equipped with modern amenities including fully equipped kitchens, comfortable beds and heating, making them an ideal choice for those looking for a more luxurious camping experience. Each cabin is decorated perfectly for relaxing after a day of adventure.

For those campers who prefer to bring their own equipment, we offer spacious campsites that are perfectly equipped for both tents and caravans. Each site is carefully planned to ensure comfort, with easy access to power and water in the majority of sites. Plus, free WiFi is available throughout the campsite so you can always stay connected, whether you want to stream your favorite movie or keep in touch with friends and family back home.

All in all, CityCamp Assens Strand is the perfect destination for those looking for a campsite on Funen that doesn’t compromise on comfort and modern facilities. Our dedication to quality, cleanliness and guest satisfaction ensures that every stay is as comfortable and relaxing as possible, making our campsite a preferred destination on Funen.

Camping on Funen is not boring!

Assens, located on picturesque Funen, is a true gem for camping enthusiasts looking for a vacation filled with both relaxation and adventure. At CityCamp Assens Strand, an excellent campsite on Funen, guests have the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities and attractions that make every stay memorable. From cultural treasures to scenic experiences, Assens and its surroundings offer something for everyone.

Arena Assens
An exciting place in Assens is without a doubt Arena Assens. Here, campers can take part in various sports activities, perfect for those looking for a more active vacation. With modern facilities and a wealth of sports to choose from, Arena Assens is an ideal place for families and friends to gather and have fun.
Check out our Summer vacation incl. activity package
where you get access to Arena Assens.

Cultural mecca
For those interested in culture, Tobaksgaarden is a must-see. This cultural center offers a rich program of concerts, exhibitions and theatre performances, making it a perfect place to spend an evening after a day filled with outdoor adventures. The unique atmosphere and high-quality performances make Tobaksgaarden one of Assens’ cultural highlights.

Island tour?
A trip to Bågø is another great activity for campers. The Bågø ferry sails regularly from Assens and offers a picturesque journey to the charming Baagø. Here you can enjoy a peaceful day away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland, explore the island’s nature and maybe even spot some of the area’s wildlife.

Try something new!
A different and fun activity is a rail bike ride from Assens to Tommerup. This tour offers a unique opportunity to experience the Funen landscape in a fun and active way. The whole family will love pedaling on the old railway tracks, creating an unforgettable experience.

Learn more about West Funen
Museum Vestfyn is also an attraction worth visiting. The museum provides a fascinating insight into the history and culture of the area, making it an ideal place for those looking to delve deeper into local heritage and traditions.

Do you like beer?
For beer enthusiasts, a visit to Vestfyns Bryggeri is a real treat. Here you can take a tour, learn about the brewing process and of course taste some of the delicious local brews. It’s a perfect way to spend an afternoon for those who appreciate craftsmanship and great flavors.

In addition to these fantastic sights, Assens and the surrounding area offers a wide range of other activities and attractions that make it an ideal place for a camping vacation. Whether you’re interested in history, nature, sports or culture, Assens has something to offer. With CityCamp Assens Strand as your base, you are guaranteed a vacation full of experiences and memories that you will treasure for years to come.

Discover for yourself why CityCamp Assens Strand is more than just a campsite on Funen, but a springboard to countless adventures and experiences in beautiful Assens and its surroundings.

Cheap camping on Funen

At CityCamp Assens Strand you’ll not only find one of Funen’s most beautiful campsites, but also an affordable and inexpensive campsite that caters for everyone. Our campsite offers a wide selection of pitches for your own caravan, camper or tent, all available in different price ranges to meet every budget.

We understand the importance of offering affordable camping options without compromising the quality of the experience. Whether you’re looking for a more basic space to enjoy nature in its purest form, or you want a few more amenities, we have a space to suit your needs and budget. Our budget-friendly campsites are perfect for families, couples, and solo travelers who want to experience all that Funen has to offer without having to worry about high costs.

CityCamp Assens Strand is proud to offer affordable campsites where you can relax and enjoy the scenic beauty that Funen is famous for, all while keeping your vacation budget in check. Here you are invited to create unforgettable memories, no matter the size of your wallet.

Camping on Funen

Camping on Funen offers a unique combination of scenic landscapes, cultural experiences and family-friendly activities. At the heart of this is CityCamp Assens Strand, a campsite that offers everything from relaxed beach days to adventurous excursions. Here visitors can enjoy modern facilities and the charming atmosphere that makes Funen an ideal place for campers looking for a versatile vacation experience.

Campsite on Funen direct to town, beach and marina

CityCamp Assens Strand stands out as the only campsite on Funen that boasts a unique location by the city, beach and marina. This special place combines the best of all worlds and offers a unique opportunity to experience the dynamic city life, the relaxing beach atmosphere and the lively marina environment, all within walking distance.

Imagine waking up to the sound of the waves, enjoying your morning coffee overlooking the marina’s boats, and then taking a short walk to the city’s cozy cafés and shops. CityCamp Assens Strand offers just this experience. Our guests love the freedom to explore the charming town of Assens, immerse themselves in the local culture, and then retreat to the peaceful atmosphere of the campsite.

This perfect blend of city, beach and marina makes CityCamp Assens Strand a unique place that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an active vacation with sailing and city walks or you’re looking for the tranquility of the beach and nature, you’ll find it all here. Come and see for yourself why our campsite is a preferred choice for many who want a vacation with variety and charm.

Funen campsite in huge development

2024 and 2025 are groundbreaking years for CityCamp Assens Strand as we experience impressive expansion and development. Our campsite will more than double in size, allowing us to offer an even richer and more varied camping experience to our guests.

With this expansion, we are introducing a number of new facilities and attractions. Exciting additions include a huge covered pool with waterslide and jacuzzi, a new large plaza facing the marina, new service buildings and much more!

Be there first-hand as CityCamp Assens Strand writes an exciting new chapter in its history and becomes an even more attractive choice for campers looking for a unique campsite on Funen.

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